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Hey I am Ben Dauber. I am currently a sophomore at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I love my Rockies and of course the Broncos. I also love to watch movies as you may be able to tell. Film is a medium that I feel is much more alive to my generation than print media, story telling in my generation starts at a very young age on the TV screen. However consuming without thought is something that will only lead to a dulling of our observational skills and a lack of critical thinking. I like to probe into why a film was made, how it was made, and what the makers were really trying to accomplish. These are my reviews as published in The Campus which is a student run newspaper here at Allegheny, I only choose the ones I’m proud of. Here is a little more information on me if you are interested.

Lots of fun with my South African buddies

Benjamin J. Dauber                                                                                                                                          9933 East Berry Drive, Englewood, CO 80111    

Cell: 303-489-3497                                                                                                                                                                         Email: dauberb@allegheny.edu




Allegheny College, Meadville, PA                                                                                                                        Class of  2014              

  • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science & Communication Arts Minor
  • Achieved a 3.63 Cumulative GPA – Alden Scholar (Deans List)

Work Experience:


Finance Intern at Arum Group LLC, Washington D.C                                                                                  Summer 2012                        

  • Organized, coordinated and staffed events for congressional representatives
  • Authored campaign documents and maintained political databases


Screening Intern at Environmental Film Fest (EFF), Washington D.C                                               Summer 2012                        

  • Compiled film collections tailored specifically to match customer expectations
  • Reviewed and published reviews in EFF Environmental Film Catalog 2013


Allegheny College Gator Guide                                                                                                                          Spring 2012-Present

  • Conduct personalized group and individual tours of campus facilities
  • Research and interview prospective students


College Experience:


Microcosm of the World Volunteer, South Africa                                                                                       June/July 2011                        

  • Completed hands-on cultural and historical seminar on South Africa
  • Volunteered as student teacher for elementary school – Mpumalanga, South Africa


Contributing Writer – The Campus, Allegheny College                                                                        Fall 2011–Present


Feed the Mead Hunger Drive, Greek Committee Co-Chair, Allegheny College                                           Fall 2011  

  • Coordinated campus wide events such as: dance parties, auctions, community events etc.
  • Developed on campus awareness campaign for local hunger problem.
  • Raised $18,000 in total food monies for Red Cross


John Degraff Event, Lead Organizer, Allegheny College                                                                                 Spring 2011                         

  • Organized campus wide welcoming event for John Degraff (Founder – Nat’l Happiness Initiative)
  • Coordinated with Parkhurst food services, community business, and campus organizations


Phi Kappa Psi Social Chair & Chaplain, Allegheny College                                                                   Fall 2011-Present                      

  • Social Chair: Currently Coordinate with all other Greek organizations to plan social events
  • Chaplain: Elected emotional leader of the fraternity who speaks publicly at each chapter




Madalene Meilke – Principal @ Arum Group LLC.            Phone: 202-547-6656           Email: madalene@arumgroup.com

Professor Zachary Callen – Professor of Political Science                  Phone: 814-332-2786           Email: zcallen@allegheny.edu


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