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The Element of Surprise

I haven’t been this shocked by a movie literally ever. I mean in Inception my mind was slightly warped when I walked out and Memento raised my eyebrows, but I was thoroughly shocked after this one.

I partially attribute this to the fact I didn’t read any reviews before I saw it, (in an attempt to remain at least a tiny bit unbiased) but even so The Cabin In The Woods is a unique hybridization of film canon that deserves your attention.

I would describe it categorically as a cross between horror, suspense, satirical comedy and action. It has each of these elements in balance throughout the film and the end product is unique to say the least.

The title, the previews, and even the film posters all seem to point to one thing: cheesy commercial horror flick, the kind of movie that features blood and boobs in equal proportion without any substance to justify it. However this first-glance impression of the film could not be more incomplete.

I wouldn’t say the plot has twist but rather is just wonderfully perverse right from the beginning. You spend as much time trying to figure out what the hell is going on as you do rooting for the main characters.

Without divulging anything too juicy I’ll try and lay it out for you.

A group of college-aged kids decides to spend a weekend away from the world at a isolated log cabin somewhere in Appalachia. As soon as they arrive you understand that they are not meant to survive.

The film is experienced through two main perspectives, the victims, and the coordinated and exceptionally cast team of professionals that are tasked with killing the victims. Why they are doing and the story that lies behind this cabin are what really make the film tick.

The character actors cast in this film are spot on. Without any big names (except for an extremely brief cameo from the burnt out Sigourney Weaver) Director Drew Goddard crafted a suspenseful and unique masterpiece that can satisfy an incredibly diverse audience.

Although not being a household name Goddard has made quite a career for himself, and it is because of his very unique and expressive style of film making. Goddard was the director of TV suspense phenomenon Lost as well as the head-ache inducing Cloverfield. I mean say what you want about Cloverfield but it still exhibited some fresh perspective, and it showed Goddard had enough sack to bend the rules.

If you liked Shaun of The Dead, Saw and its various film cousins, Underworld, or a film that mimics the suspense of a film like Inception (minus the A-list actors) this is a film you would enjoy.

I give this one a solid A. It earned an 8.0 on IMDB and a shocking 92% (which is still rising) on RottenTomatoes. If you don’t want to listen to me listen to them.

Hollywood has gotten stuck in an incredibly repetitive and commercialized vein of film making it makes me sick. The Cabin in the Woods breaks the mold and delivers a bit of everything, leaving the audience with only this thought “I don’t know what in the name of sweet cheeba just happened to me, but I liked it… a lot”


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